Progressive Technical Skill Development Center

Progressive Technical Skill Development Center (PTSDC), approved by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board with Center Code: 72024, operates from Rangamati. It’s a cornerstone in the realm of primary skill education activities, aiming to empower individuals with essential technical competencies.

For inquiries, reach out to the organization at 01552504383 or visit their Facebook page:

Recognizing the pivotal role of technical skills, knowledge, and innovation in driving economic growth and social progress, PTSDC stands as a beacon of hope in Bangladesh, a country grappling with a sizable population lacking in skills. In response to this challenge, the government has embarked on various skills development initiatives to transform the unskilled populace into a skilled workforce.

As a development partner in Bangladesh, PTSDC has established a Technical Skills Development Center in Rangamati, envisioning a future where underprivileged youth are equipped with the necessary skills through effective vocational training. The center’s objectives are multifaceted, aiming to:

– Enhance individuals’ technical skills and their capacity to adapt to change.

– Address the demand for technical skills in labor markets.

– Enhance product quality and enterprise profitability.

– Promote inclusive access to skills development, particularly among marginalized groups such as women.

– Contribute to the strengthening of the national economy and poverty reduction efforts.

– Foster self-awareness and cultivate human qualities among trainees.

The center offers a range of courses tailored to meet diverse skill requirements, including:

  1. Computer Application (Microsoft Office Packages)
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Swing (presumably a programming language)
  5. Block Boutique (likely a course on block-based programming or a related skill)

Through these meticulously curated courses, PTSDC aims to empower individuals, especially underprivileged youth, with the technical acumen necessary to thrive in today’s competitive job market. By doing so, the center strives to uplift communities, drive economic growth, and foster a brighter future for Bangladesh.